During the closing arguments in the Noor Salman trial at the Federal court house in Orlando, FL Wednesday, Salman’s defense and attorney argued that Salman was innocent because she is “simple” and has a low IQ.

Salman is accused of aiding her husband, Omar Mateen, in planning a mass casualty ISIS terrorist attack at Pulse Orlando nightclub in June 2016, which left 49 people dead.

The prosecution claimed that Salman is guilty of aiding and abetting her husband, who carried out a terrorist attack, as well as obstruction of justice.

Salman pleaded not guilty, and her defense and family were quite creative in their excuses for the ISIS widow.

Among claims that FBI agents who interviewed Salman fabricated her written statement, the defense also argued that Salman has an IQ of 84 and wasn’t smart enough to know about her husband’s plans to carry out an ISIS terrorist attack. Salman’s defense attorney described her as a simple woman with limited intellect and poor English language skills who has only had two jobs her entire life.

During the closing arguments, the prosecution quickly rebutted claims that Salman wasn’t smart enough to understand what her husband was doing, citing examples such as Salman’s Associate’s degree, being a mother, and the fact that she was competent enough to search for instructions on how to add a beneficiary to a life insurance plan prior to her husband’s attack and death.

Following the closing arguments, Salman’s family addressed the media outside of the courthouse. Susan Clary, the spokesperson for the Salman family said,

“We’re here to say, and we’ve said over and over everyday that Noor Salman is not capable of having participated in any way in this horrible crime. Noor Salman is a victim of Omar Mateen.”

Salman’s family continued to deceive the media outside of the courtroom, arguing Noor had no way of knowing her husband had been planning to carry out a terrorist attack, but evidence presented by the prosecution during the trial suggests otherwise.

During the trial, it was revealed that just days before the attack, Mateen asked Salman,“What would make people more upset? An attack at Disney, or a club?’ This is significant, because Mateen’s original target for his terror attack was Downtown Disney, not Pulse nightclub.

Through that question, it is clear that Salman had advance knowledge of her husband’s plans to carry out a terrorist attack, despite her family’s claim that she knew nothing about Mateen’s allegiance to ISIS and desire to commit Jihad.

Adding to the absurd, Clary used the media briefing to downplay Salman’s Islamic faith. Salman, who is now an ISIS widow, is Muslim and has a Muslim child with Mateen, who was also Muslim. However, Clary attempted to mislead the media and public about Salman’s ties to Islam when Clary claimed,

“Her son was asking whether she will be home to color Easter eggs.”

Given the fact that Salman herself is a Muslim and married an ISIS terrorist, it is obvious she nor her Muslim son celebrate Easter, a Christian holiday.

“Isn’t Noor Salman Muslim? Why is she celebrating Easter? I asked.

“She is Muslim, ethnically,” said Clary.

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Clearly Clary and the Salman family didn’t get the memo: Islam is not a race, which means Salman cannot be “ethnically” Muslim. A person can only be religiously Muslim. It is also worth noting that Salman’s family refused to admit whether Jihad is an act of Islamic terrorism when they were confronted outside of the courthouse on Wednesday.


In January 2017, Salman was arrested after she was indicted by a grand jury in Orlando, FL. The jury is expected to announce a verdict Thursday morning.

If found not guilty, Salman plans to return to California to live with her five year-old son.