In what appears to be a frantic response to the growing dossier of failures by the FBI to stop terrorists and killers who have been “previously known and investigated” by the bureau, the top brass at the agency decided this week to send an email to all agents reminding them to actually investigate incidents which involve a threat to life.

Something that should be considered common practice at one of the world’s premiere law enforcement agencies is apparently so lacking, that the head of the FBI deemed it necessary to remind FBI field agents to ensure the institution’s established procedures are being followed.

According to a source within the FBI who detailed the contents of the email to Loomer, all support staff were also included as recipients, and the message itself makes the bureau look like a “total joke.”

“Any information that involves a threat to someone’s life must be opened, assigned, and investigated within 24 hours”, the email reads.

“What a joke,” the source said in response. “Sometimes common sense isn’t so common.” This latest incident only further highlights what appears to be a growing pattern of incompetence within the FBI, which paired with the misconduct and lack of transparency in recent high profile investigations, has left the public questioning whether the agency can be relied upon to keep the American people safe.

Interestingly, this email was exclusively reported by Loomer on the same day that disgraced and now *former* FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It’s not clear if McCabe read the email before he turned in his badge and relinquished his pension, but what is clear is that this email shows the debilitated state McCabe and his former boss James Comey left the once feared and respected FBI in.

Federal Bureau of Investigation, or Federal Bureau of Incompetence? Either way, it’s fair to say that J. Edgar Hoover is rolling in his grave.You can read more about the continued and documented pattern of fatal FBI inaction and incompetence here.