(PARKLAND, FL) As you may have heard, the Twitter thought-police did not like my recent video confronting anti-gun Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch (FL-D), and so they reached all the way back to tweets in my feed from two years ago! The tweet referred to Islamic immigrants raping women, and Twitter flagged my tweet as being against their “community policy”.

However, I believe that this 7 day ban was meant to punish me for posting a video I filmed yesterday in which I confronted Democratic Congressman Deutch, who is lying to his constituents, telling them AR-15s are assault weapons and were banned before 2004 (all of which is a lie).

When confronted about these lies, the Congressman refused to answer my questions, instead choosing to berate and insult Infowars and those who do not believe that gun control is the answer.

With our largest and most prominent communication platforms under the rule and whim of political favoritism, it is paramount that we retain our freedom of speech in as many aspects as possible.

That is why I am working hard to develop my website, so I can continue sharing my uncensored work with you.

As we speak, I am in Parkland, Florida, investigating the tragic school shooting, as well as the corrupt anti-Trump FBI which allowed for the shooting to take place through their extreme incompetence. I’m on the ground confronting these left leaning politicians and law enforcement officials who are politicizing this tragedy for the sake of giving ammo to their liberal political agenda, which includes banning the Second Amendment and indoctrinating our youth with left wing propaganda and the mainstream media. Please make sure to subscribe via email so that I can alert you WITHOUT our friends at Twitter as I post new information here on my site.

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More to come, stay tuned, IL-Loom-inators!