On January 8, 2018, investigative journalist Laura Loomer exclusively reported that ground zero for the worst mass shooting in U.S. history may soon become the headquarters for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) SWAT. Despite claims by MGM that the land transfer was only a “preliminary discussion”, that discussion has now transpired into a reality.

LAS VEGAS, NV (Laura Loomer) —  Sources within LVMPD have told Loomer that MGM Resorts will be paying for the now infamous Las Vegas Village to be turned into the new LVMPD SWAT headquarters.

A law enforemcnet source privy to the negation has confirmed that “the SWAT building is going forward, and MGM is going to pay for it all.”

When early talks of this possible land transfer were revealed to Loomer in January, Debra DeShong, the Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Communications and Industry Affairs for MGM Resorts International told Loomer,

“MGM has had preliminary discussions with Metro regarding the possibility of using a portion of The Village site for the purposes of creating a facility for the Metro SWAT team. The discussions are in the conceptual stages and no final decisions have been made as to the future use of the entirety of the property. However, consistent with our history of working collaboratively with law enforcement, utilizing a portion of The Village site for law enforcement is one option we are exploring with Metro.”

Despite the fact that DeShong referred to these discussions with Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo as “conceptual” and “preliminary”, it is evident that the discussions were more than just a conversation, as the casino conglomerate is moving forward with the transfer of the now notorious land site, which is worth approximately $75 to $100 MILLION.

LVMPD was also contacted in January with a request to comment on the discussions. LVMPD PIO responded, adding, “This was an exploratory meeting only.  Nothing more at this point.”

However, it’s clear LVMPD knew more than they were willing to disclose one month ago, as it is now increasingly obvious that LVMPD’s secret meeting with MGM was not simply “exploratory”.

The deal between MGM and LVMPD concerning the Las Vegas Village, which has been inaccessible to the public since the October 1st, 2017 Las Vegas Shooting, will no longer remain an open air music venue, and will instead be extensively renovated for LVMPD SWAT, which will conveniently hinder and halt any possibility of a future independent examination of the now infamous crime scene.

Although it has been nearly four months since the Las Vegas Shooting, which left 58 people dead, LVMPD and the FBI have still not provided the public with a motive for the attack and there has been widespread controversy and scandal surrounding the official investigation of the shooting. Throughout the investigation, a conflict of interest between Sheriff Lombardo, LVMPD, and MGM , which are all tied together through financial interests has been revealed. The leaked confirmation of the land transfer suggests LVMPD and MGM have been more concerned with their own financial and real estate interests than providing the public with answers regarding the shooting.

The shady and non transparent land transfer of the Las Vegas Shooting site to LVMPD SWAT brings the ethics of the investigation into question. One can’t help but question whether or not an honest investigation is being conducted as Las Vegas law enforcement is currently involved in a multimillion dollar land transfer with MGM, the casino conglomerate at the heart of the investigation.

As one former LVMPD officer said, “nothing happens in Vegas without the sound of a cash register. There’s probably some aspect of pay-for-play in the transfer of this land.”

LVMPD’s Public Information Office as well as MGM Resorts International were both contacted with a request for comment prior to the publication of this article, but they declined to comment.

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